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Frigadon is a Swedish company with a high technology profile and knowledge base working with development, design and manufacturing of refrigeration systems for industry and commercial use.

About 35 personnel are employed, working with various applications of refrigeration. Frigadon has been manufacturing refrigeration units and equipment since 1977. Operations began with small plug-in units for cold rooms but today the most expansive market is water chillers and custom designed products supplied to the industry on an OEM-basis*.

Our customers are mainly refrigeration contractors and industries who buy process cooling and OEM applications. Most are located in Scandinavia but also in Europe and North America. Our products are designed for Swedish climate conditions and meet the requirements of all relevant European directives and standards.

*OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that Frigadon manufactures other companies’ original products.

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Frigadon's OEM-products are developed and sold directly to respective customer. Frigadon's standard products are distributed on the Swedish market through Refrigeration contractors. For other markets please contact our partners below:

Frigadon is represented in the UK and Ireland by SRS COMPONENTS LTD

Frigadon is represented in the Benelux countries and parts of Germay/France by MATCOOL BVBA

Frigadon is represented in Germany by Hafner-Muschler, specialists in industrial and commercial cooling based on natural refrigerants.

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Since 2004, Frigadon is Quality-, Environmentally-, and Work environment certified according to FR2000. FR2000 is an integrated management system for quality, environment, competence enhancement, health and safety which can be used by all sorts of organizations.

The systems derives from ISO 9001, ISO 14001,SS 62 40 70, the Swedish work environment authority regarding systematic environmental progress, and the Swedish rescue services agency regarding systematic fire safety, SRVFS 2004:3.

FR2000 contains 10 chapters were the structure is process oriented. This means that you can start your design from chapter 1 to 9. Requirements regarding quality, environment, competence enhancement, health, and safety are integrated in a logical way. Chapter 10 can be used as a first inventory of the present state and can there after be used as marketing material after the system design.

In practice FR2000 does not separate it self too much from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, requirements regarding quality and environmental issues are similar. However FR2000 also contains requirements regarding competence enhancement, health and safety. The system is certified and reviewed on a yearly basis, by appointed auditors. The supervision of the auditors is similar. SWEDAC practice the supervision over the ISO-auditors, the council for FR2000 and the FR2000 auditors.

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