A wide range of products

Frigadon manufactures a wide range of products, from custom OEM units to chillers and standardized piece unit. On the OEM side, there is a great variety of applications in refrigeration technology, where we build a unit that fits into the customer's product or where Frigadon assemble the customer's product only to a certain degree of completion. On the liquid cooling the focus lies on natural refrigerants and hydrocarbons, most of the machines has low GWP values ​​and high efficiency compared to traditional refrigerants.

Frigadon has worked with hydrocarbon for over 15 years and are well prepared for the future changes in refrigerantfield that will be required in the industry. As for the standard unit heaters, so there is a wide variety of designs for refrigeration applications. There are also great opportunities for adaptation of control, electrical systems and designs depending on the customer's application. The units are suitable for those who do not want to placebuild a cooling system, but want a factory built ready tested assembly were an electrician only needs to connect the power cord.

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  • OEM
  • Water Chillers
  • Packaged units
  • Split units


OEM customers place high demands on adaptability, operational reliability and control. Frequently, the advice given to a customer prior to manufacture is essential. Frigadon has the design capabilities to create a special product from scratch, or redesign and adapt an existing standard product. A typical application is a manufacturing process requiring constant temperature to be maintained.

Pre- production consultation with Frigadon’s own design engineers is a key element in the creation of successful products. In many cases, we are able to help the customer find a solution that will result in lower operating costs. Machines and industrial processes cooled with regular tap water as heat transfer medium is only one example. We can provide environment friendly cooling at a fraction of the previous cost.

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