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Frigadon manufactures a wide range of products, everything from specially adapted OEM units to chillers and standardised all-in-one units.

The OEM page presents the many different applications we are involved in. One of these is refrigeration technology, where we build a unit that matches the customer’s product, or where Frigadon assembles the customer’s product to a given stage of completion. On the Chillers page, the focus is on natural refrigerants and hydrocarbons, so that most of the machines have low GWP values and high efficiency ratings compared to traditional refrigerants.

Frigadon has been working with hydrocarbons for over 15 years and is well-equipped to deal with future changes in terms of the refrigerant requirements that will be imposed upon the sector. When it comes to the standardised all-in-one units, there is a wide choice of versions for refrigeration and freezer applications. There is also great scope for tailoring controls, electrical system and design to the particular application of the customer. The units are particularly suited to customers who do not want to construct a refrigeration system on site, but prefer a factory-built, fully tested unit, so that all that is required is an electrician to connect the mains cable.

CO2 Chiller Monoblock OEM


Our service and support department provides technical advice and helps with operational optimisation.

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Frigadon manufactures a wide range of refrigeration equipment for use in industrial, property and retail applications, based primarily on hydrocarbon and CO2 technology.

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At Frigadon, we love natural refrigerants and work mainly with hydrocarbons and CO2 as primary refrigerants.

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