Frigadon has developed the next generation of eco-friendly chillers with natural refrigerants.

Our offering comprises chillers with propylene (R1270) and propane (R290) and currently covers power ratings of up to 1,000 kW, with cold media temperatures suitable for cooling and air conditioning. For frozen temperatures, the maximum capacity is up to around 300 kW.

All machines can be located outdoors in a structure that is protected against the elements and where the ambient temperature is in the -20 to +40°C range. For harsher environments there are arctic and tropical versions.

The machines are based on a modern electronics platform which communicates with the most common protocols as well as, in practical terms, via an instrument panel.

Tailored to customer requirements

Our integrated chillers are supplied as complete units and tailored to the customer’s requirements with regard to temperatures, flows, ambient temperature, noise levels, pressure drop for forward flow from pumps and efficiency.

Thanks to our many years’ experience and continuous development since the 1990s, we are extremely knowledgeable about hydrocarbons and well-versed in their use. The safety aspects associated with the use of flammable refrigerants have been fully addressed, exceeding the requirements of all applicable directives and regulations.

Future-proof investment

You can be completely relaxed about any uncertainty as to which refrigerants will be permitted and available in future. Hydrocarbons are natural refrigerants which meet all current and future requirements in terms of restrictions limiting the use of fluorinated gases. Hydrocarbons are more efficient than all refrigerants of HFC and HFO type available on the market.

Chillers with hydrocarbons as primary refrigerant are a future-proof investment.

A complete solution

It has never been so easy to get a chiller up and running as it is now. The machines are delivered tested and filled with refrigerant, along with a fully integrated hydraulic solution with frequency-controlled circulation pump. Just connect the power supply and the flow and return pipes, and then press the button.

Our chillers are configured on the basis of a standardised catalogue available on request. The list contains many optional accessories, such as twin alternating circulation pumps, dynamic flow regulation (PEO), external pump stations, twin condensers, heat recovery, speed regulation, tailored safety system, etc.

These machines have many advantages

  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower energy consumption
  • GWP = 3 (Global Warming Potential)
  • No risk of being phased out due to the F-Gas Regulation
  • EC fans and circulation pumps
  • Leading safety systems for hydrocarbons
  • Each machine is factory-tested and certified in accordance with the applicable directives


Our service and support department provides technical advice and helps with operational optimisation.

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Frigadon manufactures a wide range of refrigeration equipment for use in industrial, property and retail applications, based primarily on hydrocarbon and CO2 technology.

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At Frigadon, we love natural refrigerants and work mainly with hydrocarbons and CO2 as primary refrigerants.

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