CO2, the natural refrigerant, is the obvious choice for modern retail and food refrigeration purposes.

Frigadon offers a wide range of products, such as boosters, mini-boosters, subcritical units and air-cooled condensing units. We also offer heat pumps and chillers for use in properties and on ice rinks.

One of the hallmarks of Frigadon is customisation of refrigeration technology and mechanical design to ensure optimum operation and positioning in a property.

We manufacture a geo-module for heat pump operation of CO2 boosters using geothermal heat.

Our shunt groups allow comfort cooling to be connected to CO2 boosters.


Our service and support department provides technical advice and helps with operational optimisation.

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Frigadon manufactures a wide range of refrigeration equipment for use in industrial, property and retail applications, based primarily on hydrocarbon and CO2 technology.

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At Frigadon, we love natural refrigerants and work mainly with hydrocarbons and CO2 as primary refrigerants.

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